CALCA Self-propelled Welding

Introduction of CALCA Self-propelled Welding

Introduction: Featured by reasonable structure, easy operation, smooth and stable welding work, the CALCA Welding Machine is originally designed for PE/PVC outdoor advertisement Seaming. Avoiding the pollution of sticking mastic splicing to the human and environment; CALCA Welding machine has the following advantages: Longer lasting than the glue;More sufficient drawing intensity, More economical, effective and power-saving. Theory of operation: Heat –melting, strong compressing.

Special traits of CALCA Welding machine: Welding machine

1. Auto-cooling system

2. Temperature display screen

3. Auto Proof -electricity-leaking system

4. Customized Temperature-Setting System

5. Longer lasting Heater(50,000 hours)

1. Environment protecting. With the development of modern techniques and science, the importance of environment-protecting has aroused more and more people's awareness, which means a new trend in the future. With only daily-used power, it can work in the whole capacity. No chemical substrate is produced at all for it only intenerates the plastic. You can work in a very safe atmosphere.

2. Labor saving. Instead of using human labors to process the welding procession, we employ the electricity power at low cost, providing a high Productivity.

3. Competitive price. Compared with the most famous two manufacturers' prices Switzerland's 6, 000 dollars and Taiwan's 3, 500 dollars, we only charge 1, 500 dollars with the same quality.

4. Intensive usability. It can be used in any material including PVC without any other attached materials.

5. Safe protecting system. It uses auto-protecting system for electricity leaking and auto-adjusting thermometer in the heater.

II. Wearing parts of our machine. Carbon brush. Normally one brush's life is about 8, 000 hours and after that it needs another one for replacement.

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