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A3 Flatbed Printers

Calca A3 Flatbed Printers

Max Printing Size:329mm×483mm(A3+), Max Printing Thinkness:12cm

A4 Flatbed Printers

A4 Omnipotent Flatbed Printers

3. Dependent Printing: With a memory card reader and can work without computer. LCD on the computer can display the images automatically.

UV Flatbed Printers

uv Flatbed Printers

CALCA UV Flatbed Printer can print directly flat things with vivid color and result. This is Printer which is equiped with the most advanced head, ink, and light which is suitable for printing on Textile, Wood, Metal, Plastic, PVC, Glass, etc.

Welding machine

Welding machine

Featured by reasonable structure, easy operation, smooth and stable welding work, the CALCA Welding Machine is originally designed for PE/PVC outdoor advertisement Seaming

A3 Flatbed Printers

New A3++ Flatbed Printer(White Color Printing)

The white printing process is:

A:Print white as background on the dark materials and then print colorful inks. B:Print colorful inks first on the dark materials and then print white ink as cover.

And this white ink should be used with our own software CALCA-ACRIP.

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