Calca G2 UV Flatbed Printers

Introduction of Calca G2 UV Flatbed Printers

Calca G2 UV flatbed printer  is kind of non-touching printing technology which could be used to print fine graphics on soft or hard media, simple operation, swift dry-out, hi-effective and flexible outputting. With its outstanding printing strength, simple operation, great processing environment, and controllable printing standard, Calca G2 UV flatbed printer  is bound to be the breakthrough of the traditional printing and dyeing industry.

Calca G2 UV flatbed printer can print directly on various medial whose height is as much as 98mm,including PVC, PC, PS, PET, Paper board, Corrugated Paperboard, Cystosepiment, Aluminum Plate, Stainless Steel Plates, Board, Cork Board, Glass Sheet, Floor Tile, Flags, Pressure-sensitive Adhesive, etc. In terms of environmental UV ink, UV Drying mode to solidify, Konica 512 Print Head, Resolution of 1440 dpi, Calca G2 UV flatbed printer stands the first places as of each technical parameters, so that it is capable of meeting the demands of the customers. Especially the usage of white ink frees from the hunting problem in image process.

G2 uv flatbed printers

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