Calca flatbed printers Equipment

Introduction of Calca Digital multifunction flatbed printers

CALCA Digital multifunction Flatbed Printers is three-dimension digital Flatbed printing system, which is widely used in any flat media( thickness less than 12cm), including Glasses, plastics, organic plate, leather, rubber, paper, metal, wood, china, marble, jelly, man-made nail etc., can realize high-definition digital Flatbed Printing, and it operates conveniently, likes a home-printers. Because of its wide used media, CALCA Flatbed inkjet Printers can be used in extensive field, such as Indoors decoration, architecture material, present, photo image, design works etc., and CALCA flatbed solvent printer have extensive potential of market!

A3 Flatbed Printers

New A3++ Flatbed Printer(White Color Printing)

Max Printing Size:329mm×483mm(A3+), Max Printing Thinkness:13.5cm... 5760*1400DPI...

A3 Flatbed Printers

CALCA A3 Flatbed Printer

Max Printing Size:329mm×483mm(A3+), Max Printing Thinkness:12cm...

A4 Flatbed Printers

A4 Omnipotent Flatbed Printers

3. Dependent Printing: With a memory card reader and can work without computer. LCD on the computer can display the images automatically...

G2 UV Flatbed Printers

Calca G2 uv Omnipotent Flatbed Printers

Calca G2 UV flatbed printer is kind of non-touching printing technology which could be used to print fine graphics on soft or hard media, simple operation, swift dry-out, hi-effective and flexible outputting...

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