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CALCA Flatbed Printer Marketing Analysis

In recent years, and flatbed printers are widely used concept beyond the traditional print the breakthrough. Many businesses and the attention of the users of their input can be predicted is that in the near future; flatprinters applications in various fields will become a trend.

As the major domestic and South Korean brands --Calca what is the difference between their various brands. Who can top in this rivalry? Calca from EPSON, it is an indisputable fact. EPSON Calca body can be seen in the shadows EPSON South Korea used the same machines and technology, but also in all the hard, they are not very different. Does it can be said that the copying machine Calca Korean plane? The answer is no. Calca is designed to absorb some of the design ideas abroad plate. However, Calca flatbed printers, software manufacturers plan Ltd. strong technical research and development capabilities and innovative ideas. So Calca treadmill machine improvements in a number of key parts, machinery stability accuracy has improved greatly. The plate is especially designed control panel are integrated into the chips and domestic ideas. More in line with China's environment and habits. This machine integration -- a soft, soft map parent groups and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of the collective wisdom of several experts.

China represents the highest level of science and technology in this field. Calca four ink printer has developed a program to apply to different industries and fields. For example, the program applies to reactive dyeing industries, Mexican food program in the food industry. and continuing to develop a new software company in the program to expand its application in various sectors, South Korea's machines is only one ink, which would inevitably affect its scope of application. Calca printers emphasize interactive, and continually improve the performance of machinery and increase its expanded function.

We stand ready to maintain close contact with the end-user; it can immediately use to guide customers to the machines. One can be timely customer feedback to improve the R & D team to enter the process. This is obviously impossible Korean agents. This machine will gradually widening with South Korea' superiority in terms of quality and function. For example, we will introduce three types of small, medium and large-format printers’ machinery and surfaces. Was developed based on the customer requirements and market trends. Calca printers because it is developed by domestic companies, which possess their own intellectual property rights. Basically all the accessories were domestic processing factories, Thus, the price and timely delivery have accessories are very competitive, so that the customers in the after-sales service without having to worry about their future. Korean companies and agents from the domestic machinery and technology forces are relatively weak and parts to be imported.

Bound to affect the quality of its services. So Calca printers in response to a 24-hour commitment. Seven days to bring services and barrier-free hotline service other brands are not able to do. In the market strategy, Calca committed to the development of the marketing and service networks across the country. Agents with the formation of good cooperation and win-win relations, but also to maximize the protection of customer after-sales services. At present, the province has developed a number of agents, and has been training professional systems, so that our level of service to a new level, the brand effect more pronounced. Calca brand printers under the slab as a leading product inevitably must undertake to maintain brand reputation. The responsibility to build a market reputation is very important. Therefore, we launched a program has been the subject of a lot of market research and closely detailed feasibility studies, choice of the project should allow customers to do low-risk, high-yield. So a customer, it is necessary to make a success of their clients, thus opening up an area for development of a sector affected region. In short, Calca printers have the advantage in all aspects; determine its market position and prospects for development. I believe that Calca printers because of its outstanding performance machines improve after-sales service. Innovative program development and printing plate enable us to become a leader.

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