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Common sense for Flatbed Printer Maintenance in winter

Q: Common sense for Flatbed printers Maintenance in winter

A: As The flat printer belongs to precise equipment , attention should be paid to the head

1, Guards against the static interference. Static electricity will disturb the regular operation of equipment, like uneven output of the ink, corrupt print head and the main board. To keep the environment of the flatbed printer in humidity (60%) and the temperature above 25 degree. Ensure equipment power source should be connected with the ground correctly by three plugs. The operator should wash his hands before operating the flatbed printer and the whole process should be subject to the user manual. The machine and the power should be cut off once problems happen and check the work environment immediately to avoid possibility of continuous charging.

2, The ink should be taken out from the pipeline and dampers if the flatbed printer will not be used for a long time. Wash the head with the cleaning liquid.

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