Calca Flatbed Printers Manufacturer

Applicable Field Samples of calca Flatbed Printers

First:application--PVC card printing plate production program

Features: Demand production, computer typesetting, and printing small quantities short version. Suitable for rich colors, high precision, the customer needs to produce a short time operation steps:

1.The production of printing templates. Print on demand can make a leaflet, copies of the template CorelDraw version of the software above the recommended 10;

2.The printed photo typesetting. Regard to the need to print the photo placed template, template size photographs;

3.PVC card processing. Before coating, or the use of coatings market has been PVC card, ready for printing;

4.The print output. Mexico selected out of the volume and accuracy of demand for printed output;

application of Flatbed Printers application of Flatbed Printers

Second:The printing plate-Olympic theme of the development of sample

Material: wooden toys

Preprocess: Varnish on the wood surface

Printing samples: Fu wa

Production efficiency: 200 pieces / day (single person working continuously for eight hours a day)

Potential market: Olympic-related product development, the ancient Chinese characters educational toys (Puzzle)

Cost estimation: single pieces costing less than one RMB printing costs. Material cost 2-3 RMB, sale price at 10-20 RMB.

application of Flatbed Printers application of Flatbed Printers

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