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Image World Expo--- Mexico City 16th-18th August, 2007.

CALCA Flatbed Printers are going to take part in IMAGE WORLD 16th -18th  
August, 2007 which will be held in Mexico City and CALCA Flatbed Printers’
booth number is: 1122 and 1043. 
CALCA Flatbed Printers will see you in PUBLISHOP Expo from 22ed-24th 
August 2007 which will be held in Mexico City. Booth Number is 1304!!
CALCA Flatbed Printers will be there waiting for your visiting!!
Show list that CALCA flatbed printers has taken part in:
1, 3rd-6th July, 2007. Shanghai, China.
Shanghai International AD Media & Equipments Expo. 

  2,3rd-8th June, 2007 Print.Com Show Bulgaria

3, 17th-21st May, Mexico Advertising Show. Mexico City,Mexico.

4, 17th-20th May, 2007.Beijing 4N Expo Beijing China

5, 17th-20th March, 2007. SIGN CHINA 2007 Guangzhou, China.

6, 17th-20th May, 2006. Beijing 4N Show 2006.Beijing, China

7,3rd-5th Feb, 2006. Middle East AD Expo. Dubai.


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