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Applicable Field Samples of calca Flatbed Printers

Innovation and Creation for your requirements and for our market!

CALCA Flatbed Printers have been trying to meet all the needs of our clients. We 
meet many clients with a desire to print on special materials and shapes which 
make us study, make tests, and design special tools. Followings are parts of 
our tests and our special design for our clients.

Your innovative ideas and special requirements are warmly welcome!  
Special Application-- Case No.1
Golf Printing Holder

Description and Remarks:
1.    Max Printing Number for A3 is 16 Golf/one time.
2.    Max Printing capacity for A4 is 9 Golf/one time.
3.    Max Convex should be within 6mm.
4.    Pre-Coat or Pre-Heat for better printing result.
 flatbed printer Special Application 1
Special Application--Case No.2
CDs Disk Printing

Description and Remarks:
1.    Max printing capacity for A3 is 6 CD Disk/One time.
2.    Max printing capacity for A4 is 4 CD Disk/One time.
3.    Water-based ink is recommended.
4.    Print for printable CDs with coat.
5.    Coating is not suitable or it will destroy the CDs.

 flatbed printer Special Application 2

Special Application--Case No.3
CDs Disk Printing

Description and Remarks:
1.    Both Water-based ink and ECO Dye Solvent Ink are applicable.
2.    Water-Based ink is strongly recommended if specially print on textile.
3.    Flat board needed to make the textile smooth and flat.
4.    720DPI or above is recommended.
5.    Heat or drier is needed for better vivid color.
flatbed printer Special Application 3

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