Introduction of 3D MAGIC

3D MAGIC is the only 3D/Flip software with RIP function inside. With 3D MAGIC, you can design 3D/Flip effects and then output directly on large format ink-jet printers (like Epson, HP, Novajet, Mutoh, Roland, and Mimaki), on any color printers under MS Windows, or save the effects as TIFF files for other uses. The whole process is just like the design & output of the flat pictures, which meets the requirements of service providers.
3D MAGIC supports all kinds of lenticular materials. 3D/Flip lenticular pictures is closely related to lenticular materials and the whole cost of the lenticular picture is dependent on the cost of lenticular sheet. 3D MAGIC has lenticular verifying function inside, and may test and use lenticular materials of various sizes, different density, thus minimizing the designing and outputting costs of 3D/Flip lenticular pictures.
3D MAGIC features rich designing effects (including the effects of 3D stereo images, flips horizontally, flips vertically, morphs, stereo-photos composition and various combination effects of 3D+Flips, 3D+Stereo-photos, 3D+Flips+Stereo-photos, etc.) and flexible output methods. 3D MAGIC will allow service providers to meet the requirements of their clients in various industries, including advertisement, exhibition, indoor or outdoor decoration, wedding photography, gifts, ink jet printing, offset printing, and so on.
3D MAGIC is user-friend and easy to use. Designers who are familiar with PhotoShop software can learn to use 3D MAGIC after a short time of training, minimizing the training risk for service providers
3D MAGIC makes full use of the current output equipments. 3D MAGIC utilizes devices from desktop printer to large format ink-jet printers, protecting the investment on the output equipments of service providers.
3D MAGIC gives you freedom in expressing your creative design and animates your image to produce more impressive and vivid works, through large format ink-jet printers or desktop color printers or TIFF format files.

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