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Beijing Softimage Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise. As a member of Beijing High-tech enterprises, Beijing Softimage has established branches in central cities (Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Wuhan) and overseas (Bangkok, Seoul, San Francisco) with its high technology and excellent products.

CALCA multifunction Digital flatbed printers which has been independently developed is enjoying a promising and extensive market in handicrafts and digital photo production sectors.


Newest technology and most advanced machines.

Since the launch of our machines,CALCA Flatbed Printers have been meeting the clients needs. And making profits for them. But still with the fast and new growing needs from our clients, CALCA machines can not meet all the needs which pushes our team to work harder and make improvments.

The most important new needs from our clients for the machines are:

No pre-treatment/direct printing.

White printing for rigid materials.

Faster printing speed and higher resolution.


Faster printing and higher DPI.

We have been testing and selecting the most advanced Epson machines to modify based on on our technology. There are many faster machines with higher DPI which seem can meet the clients’ needs. But as manufactuer,we have to consider for our users and the machines that we will launch have to be like this:

A:Faster with higher resolution up to 2880DPI.

B:The wearing parts should be easy to get with small cost.

C:Easy to work with in operation.

Finally we selected Epson 1390 as our central part and launched CALCA A3+III machine with 2880DPI


White printing with easier and better software.

In the printing field,the white ink is not a new thing already.There are several white inks like UV and Waterbased ink. But no good ink for rigid printing in based on solvent. We began to make study with our partner in Korea for the ink,and in July( Shanghai Exhibition) we launched the white ink for rigid materis printing based on solvent. This is a new revolution! And we became the first company who launched white ink for rigid materials printing ! and the machine is working with five colors(C,M,Y,K,W,W).


The white printing process is:

A:Print white as background on the dark materials and then print colorful inks.

B:Print colorful inks first on the dark materials and then print white ink as cover.

And this white ink should be used with our own software CALCA-ACRIP.



Calca flatbed printers Technical documents

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